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There are a number of music streaming applications available around the internet. Some of them are really good like “Pandora”, but then comes the issue that these services are restricted to certain regions. And most of these good services are not available in India. The best one I found for India is the “Nokia Music” and the best thing is that it comes free(unlimited music) with Lumia windows phones. Depending on the phone you buy, you will be getting it free for different range of time periods. I got it for 6 months and loved it. But what to do once the subscription is over? If you are really into discovering new music and prefer online streaming and listening to songs just like me. I store the songs that I like too much onto my phone.

You might be the person who don’t like paying for music and stream online or download (pirated) songs. I was asked this question so many times if there is any way to subscribe to Nokia music for free or any other option or is there anything better. So I decided to find some apps that would be good and support Indian audience, and here I list some of those I found:

Nokia Mix Radio


This is one of the best music streaming applications, I can say that this is arguably the best offering for India. The quality of the streamed songs is pretty good. It also has some great features like search for songs, download songs, create mix, play music stored on the phone, etc. It has abundance of Bollywood & Hollywood songs and you can also download those to play when you are offline. This is one of the best features that people like about it.

You can create Artist mix which creates a playlist for you based on the artists you like. You can add up to three artists in one mix and then it will create a playlist based on the selected Artists and including other similar artists in it. This is a great way to discover new songs. Also it has some auto generated playlists for different genre, region, languages. Other than all these you can also play music stored on you phone.

However this is not a completely free Service and requires subscription if you want to download the songs. However if you just want to play some already existing playlists, it free. The subscription fee is also nominal if you are really into music. It costs:

  • Rs. 57 – 1 week
  • Rs. 113 – 1 Month
  • Rs.  281 – 3 Months

You can subscribe it here.

I would recommend to at least try this for once.



This is a free music streaming service that was originally based on  website, but is now expanding to other devices through apps. You can listen to unlimited music without any fee but you cannot download any. However when we compare the music database, it is smaller compared to Nokia Music(Bollywood music has pretty good database). Some of the features are:

  • Search for Albums, Artists, Song names, Playlists.
  • Discover: New Releases, Popular, Album, Artist, genres.
  • It maintains a history of songs.
  • There are a number of auto generated playlists
  • Create playlists

This thing works fine on 2G network if your are in a good coverage area. Lags in the starting while it is still loading the Album art and other info, but once Album art is loaded you can see it works fine. Tried it during travel and it lags too much.

You should give it a try if you are really into Bollywood music, not for English songs people. Also it would have been great if we could have a download feature, but i think that has something to do with the licencing.

You can get it from the Windows phone store.



This is also a free music streaming application and works pretty fine. What’s different from other I have talked about is that it is like a radio (might be like Pandora). It streams music continuously based on different playlists it offers. The best one to discover new music. Unlike the real radio we don’t have advertisements, only music. But you need to create an account for using it (which is really easy and takes no time).

When you open the app you get some offerings from Songza based on the time period(Morning, afternoon, evening, night) and the day of the week. Once you select “play music for” which gives playlists based on the environment(at work) you might be in or what you might be doing right now. Now you get to pick a genre, which are not the same one you see in your music player but are more clearly stated so that you can select based on your mood. After that you are given a list of playlist to select from. Now you can sit back and enjoy the music.

It also offers discovering music based on:

  • Genres
  • Moods
  • Activities
  • Decades

You can also put a sleep timer in case you like playing music just before you sleep. Go to settings to select sleep timer.

This is also not available outside USA but this is the only one which I was able to make work for me.


hungama screenshots

It’s a pretty good app for music streaming just like Gaana. It is an excellent app if you do like Bollywood songs. You can listen to various playlists available  just like in Gaana and other apps but in this you can actually add the songs as your favorite. One of the exclusive features is that you can watch music videos using this app, without any need to search for them on YouTube.

Other features include:

  • Music playlists
  • Popular songs
  • Discover music based on your mood and the type of choice from genre, language, special occasions, etc.
  • Radio Junction – which consists of live radio stations to listen to.

You can log in and save your favorites and get then on other platforms too. Also has one app for Windows 8. Its a free app without any apps.

 TuneIn Radio


Last but not the least, this is completely a radio streaming application. Love to listen to radio? Go for it. You can browse from hundreds to thousands of radio channels on it. You can listen to live channels, or browse for channels based on your interests or Listen to podcast. You can also search for stations, songs, artists.

Browse based on:

  • Local Radio(Not too many Indian stations)
  • Trending
  • Music
  • Talk
  • Sports
  • News
  • Location(other than you local stations)
  • Language

You can use it without log in or with log in. This is really good with large number of station offerings and if you can live with the advertisements you get in between the songs(I hate these advertisements).

I would love XBox music to come to India, not just come to India but also update the prices based on the Indian market.


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