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November 17, 2012 /

All who are using windows 8 might have been missing a full fledged browser for metro interface. Well google listened to you and is currently developing the Google chrome browser for windows 8. The interface of this windows store app is the same as the original chrome you have been using. You can see the screenshot below and you would that the interface is exactly the same as the desktop version.Image

Not only the interface but it also has all the features of the desktop version including the extension. I was using the IE metro app but seriously felt there need to be more control. And Chrome brings it here. For desktop i still prefer IE since my experience with Chrome has not been satisfactory. Read the Post The All new Google Chrome Metro App (Windows Store app)

June 22, 2012 /

The traditional start menu in Windows 8 has been replaced by Metro-UI and the start button has also been removed from taskbar. But, you can get the Windows XP, Vista or Windows 7 style start menu easily by using a utility. You can also get the Windows 8 logo on the start button orb easily.

Although, there are many third party software available to bring the start menu back but, they don’t insert the start button on the right place and you have to use some difficult tricks to get the button positioned on right place. But, this utility, ClassicShell brings the start menu back and you can also customize the look of menu as well as start button orb.

ClassicShell has the following features:
  • Get any of XP, Vista or Windows 7 Style Start Menu.
  • There are many more start menus available.
  • You can also customize the start button with different styles.
  • Windows 8 logo can also be used as start button.
  • Special cut, copy and paste option can be enabled in Windows Explorer as well as Internet Explorer.
  • The Metro-UI is still accessible with special keystroke e.g. ‘Shift + left click’ on button etc.
  • The Metro-UI thumbnail is disabled after installing the start menu.
  • Many more options like search option in start menu can be used by right clicking the start button and selecting ‘Settings’.

How to get Special Windows 8 logo as Start Menu button

ClassicShell have three different start menu buttons but, the Windows 8 logo is not available to set as the start button. You can always set custom icons as start button and in the same way we will set the Windows 8 logo as start button.

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May 15, 2012 /

I am a user who opens large number of tabs at a time. And Firefox becomes slow over the time and eventually becomes unresponsive. It takes a minute to respond sometimes. Still I like Firefox for its large number of plugins. I really don’t like Chrome, although it is pretty fast. It would just freeze up on my system – becomes totally unresponsive and sometimes crash. So currently I am using two browsers : the one everyone hates IE 9 (For me IE 9 works great, the previous versions of IE are crap but this one is really a browser).…

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February 19, 2012 /

Here’s a freeware utility for Windows 8 Developer preview that allows you to change the background of Windows 8 metro start screen within a few clicks. Also Check Keep Both Old Start Menu and Metro at the Same Time [Windows 8] You don’t need to have knowledge of Windows system files to use this tool. Just download and run ‘Windows 8 Start Tweaker’ on your Windows 8 dev build and change the background of start screen to whatever you want. You can choose any image file to replace the default metro start screen background. The tool is created by a…

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January 28, 2012 /

Data loss is a serious problem and occurs often if you are into playing with your system and like to install and try new OS now and then. It might have happened with you that you lost your drives and other data while trying to make new partitions or modify the existing partitions. It occurred the same when I was trying to modify one of my system’s partition. I lost three of my partitions, god knows what happened that I lost those drives. Now once you loose your data you might be having some data which is very important to…

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January 14, 2012 /

Aside from the regular text password based login, Windows 8 has a gesture based login process made exclusively for touch screens but can also be used on regular mouse/keyboard based desktop PCs. Commonly found in smartphones and often called pattern password, this login process allows you to lock and unlock your computer by drawing a unique pattern on the screen, either with the finger if it’s a touch screen or with the mouse for regular PCs. This guide will show you how to setup a pattern password in Windows 8. On the Metro start screen in Windows 8, click or…

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November 24, 2011 /

With Windows 8 Microsoft introduced a new back up and restore tool called File History. Just like System Restore is able to restore the state of your computer to an earlier date, File History is capable of restoring your files to a specific date and time, thus allowing users to turn the clock back in time and retrieve data and files that have been previously edited or deleted. File History is a vast improvement over the Previous Versions (or Shadow Copy) feature introduced in Windows Vista, in a way that it offers the user better control over what to the…

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