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August 16, 2013 /

Amber + GDR 2 Update status for your Lumia For those who are eagerly waiting for the next Windows phone update, here you have something to check the status of update. At the time of the post Lumia 920 update is available, Lumia 620 and 820 are coming soon and 520 & 720 are waiting for approval. This is almost the same pattern of the mobile phone release in India.

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August 15, 2013 /

It’s been long time since the previous update from Microsoft for windows Phone and it finally around the corner now. GDR 2(General Distribution Release 2). However the release is still small and not many major OS updates could be seen. Still it is a welcome release, after all something is better than nothing.

Also this update is going to be combined with Nokia’s Amber update. Which over all seems to be pretty good update for the Lumia devices. Let me list what all you are going to get in these updates.

Amber Update

  1. Better Battery life (those who got it say: “battery felt much improved“)
  2. SMS and Call filters
  3. Glance screen settings (YouTube)
  4. Always-on clock
  5. Double-tap to wake
  6. Smart Camera (YouTube)
  7. Lotus Notes Traveler account support
  8. Display + Touch enhancements (Lumia Color Profile)
  9. Up to 3200 ISO support
  10. Less noise
  11. Enhanced color profile
  12. Image quality improvements
  13. Shutter button can be used for opening Nokia Smart Cam.
  14. Flip to silence.

Here’s a small demo video for the Amber update:

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November 17, 2012 /

Above is picture from a Nokia China slideshow that shows the upcoming features in the Windows Phone 7.8 update. While none of these features will be earth shattering news to anyone it nice to see that they are officially coming  to the “legacy” Windows Phone 7 devices. Different sized Live Tiles Bing wallpapers on the lock screen New feature to prevent accidental touches to the screen Choice of 20 accent colors Internet Explorer security upgrades Ability to convert MP3 as ringtones Sharing of media via Bluetooth Ringtone creation app Upgraded contacts transfer app Upgraded contacts sharing app One feature that…

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September 30, 2012 /

Windows-Phone-8September has been busy month for the Smartphone manufacturers. Apple, Nokia, Samsung and HTC all have been revealing their upcoming new smartphones. While apple brought out the iPhone 5, HTC, Nokia and Samsung revealed their Windows Phone 8. Here’s a list of upcoming WP8 this year just after the release of the windows 8 (26th October’ 2012) and windows phone 8 (29th October’ 2012).

Here’s a list of these smartphones:

  • HTC

Let’s see what they have in there boxes. Here i am giving you an overview of these phones.

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June 21, 2012 /

Windows Phone 7 has been the phone with a completely new interface. It is optimized phone OS but had less number of features compared to Android. Now Microsoft is bucking up to be in the competition with other phones available in the market with its new updated OS – Windows Phone 8 or Apollo. Windows Phone is so optimized that it is able to run smoothly on a 800Mhz processor when compared to Android ICS which requires multiple core CPU’s to run smoothly. WMPoweruser has found that the  leaked roadmap shows an expected release of Apollo(Windows phone 8) in Q4…

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December 22, 2011 /

These days we can find only two of the operating systems to be working in the industry- the well known Apple IOS, and the Android. However the Android is now with every one and the most common one. The situation is like “The owner and the Dog both have the Android”. Well when there is so much common in all the phone and you are bored with both the OS and want to try something new- comes a new OS by Microsoft. The latest Mobile Phone operating system by Microsoft – windows Phone bring to you a new fresh new…

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May 27, 2011 /

SPB Mobile Shell Enjoy Your Phone!   SPB Mobile Shell introduces the next generation user interface while keeping all advantages of your mobile device. Enjoy your phone! Current version: 3.7.2 Release date: Dec 07, 2010 Download size: 6.3 MB Size on device: 8 MB KEYS INCLUDED.. FEATURES: 1. Cool widgets to customize your Home screen Photo contacts Picture frame Weather Wireless switches Phone profile Appointments and tasks Nokia homescreen widgets support … and many others 2. Finger friendly contacts Widget-based photo contacts Photo call log Smart contact search 3D favorite contacts carousel Ringtone management Category filter 3.Fast access to all…

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