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September 16, 2013 /

Facebook Beta

Are you not happy with the Facebook app available on windows phone? Is the integration of Facebook not enough for you and you want a good Facebook app for your phone?

It seems we are not really having quality apps for all the social networks as there are on other platform. However these days we are able to see some quality updates and quality apps for most of the social networking sites. Microsoft also seems to be working on the apps issue now as we are able to see a number of apps like YouTube and Facebook from them. Also they are constantly updating these apps.

Microsoft has updated the Facebook app from the previous version available on windows phone 7…. but still lacks features. Microsoft has been constantly updating the Facebook app for windows phone 7 and windows phone 8.

The released version is not really that great, however you can grab the updates before they are released by installing the beta version of the app- Facebook Beta. Although it has a beta status, for the most part the app is stable and it can give frequent users of Facebook an early look at upcoming features and improvements. Read the Post Get a better Facebook app for Windows phone: Facebook Beta

October 7, 2011 /

When you imagine being able to do cool stuff with your phone, what do you think of? Finding your way out of the middle of a forest with nothing but GPS to guide you? Looking for buried treasure with just the geomagnetic sensor? How about walking in the house after work, touching just a couple of buttons and automatically turning on all of the computers in your house? Science fiction? Nope, science fact. It’s called PCAutoWaker, and in my opinions it’s one of the coolest apps to arrive in the Android Market in a long time.  Many MUO readers that…

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July 21, 2011 /

When someone’s email account gets hacked, it’s usually the friends who find this out first, unless the hacker has completely booted the owner out of his inbox by changing the password. This is because friends are the ones who start receiving spam mails or plea for money. When this happens, what one normally does is call their friend or contact them on an alternate email address to let them know that their email account has been compromised. Now Microsoft has introduced a new system that allows friends to report hacked accounts to Hotmail directly. When you get a spam message…

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July 12, 2011 /

Google’s new social networking site Google+ has taken over the internet like a storm. The initial impressions have been very positive and many Facebook users have already migrated to Google Plus. But make no mistake, Facebook is here to stay, which means we now have two social networking profiles to maintain. Two browser tabs for two social networks? Nope, that’s not how we do things.The developers of cross-browser extensions developing framework Crossrider has built an extension for Chrome and Firefox that combines both social networks into one. Once installed, the extension will add a Facebook icon on top of your…

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January 13, 2011 /

I’ve always liked Twitter’s 140 character limitation because it challenges my message to be more direct and succinct, but there are occasions when you simply need a paragraph or two to express what you really need to say. Try for example debating a controversial issue in 140 characters and you might well lose an argument. So for those times when you want to stay within the Twitterverse without posting a dozen tweets, there are several options available to do just that.  Here are 6 possibilities you should check out, which allow you to write longer Tweets on Twitter. TwitLonger Topsy’s…

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December 26, 2010 /

There may be actually more than one reason for you to want to block Facebook widgets you see on almost any webpage you land on: First, you are concerned about your privacy and don’t want Facebook to personalize your browsing or to give away your information to third-party sites. In this case, besides using the tools listed below, don’t forget to edit your privacy settings (to be on the safe side): navigate Account -> Privacy Settings -> Edit Your Settings (below Applications and Websites) -> Edit settings (Next to Instant personalization). Secondly, you are not on Facebook and/or you are just fed up with…

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December 21, 2010 /

Recently Facebook introduced a new layout for the profile page with some changes. The new page highlights important information about you and prominently displays your friends. While making the switch to the new layout the user is told that the change is permanent and that they will not be able to return back to the old layout. This is not entirely true. Revert Back to the Old Facebook Layout In order to get back the old profile page layout you have to deactivate your Facebook account – temporarily. This is absolutely safe, for you can reactivate your account the very…

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