Convert videos into GIF animations

The main reason why you would want to convert a video into a GIF animation file is to put it in your blog without streaming the video file. Not having to stream means that it will load and play in any browser and no extra video plugin is required. You can also convert your videos into GIFs and use them as avatar in online forums or put them in the profile page of a social networking site. 

To convert a video to GIF we will use two softwares for this, one is Virtualdub and the other is Easy Gif Animator. Virtualdub is free but Easy Gif Animator is not, though a limited use trial version is available. Instead of Easy Gif Animator you can use also use Adobe Image Ready or any other GIF making software. Now follow these steps.

1. Open Virtualdub and load your movie into it.

2. Click File>Save Image Sequence. Select JPEG as the image format and then save the image files in a folder.

3. Virtualdub will create a large number of images out of the video. The normal frame rate of videos is around 25~30 frames per second. If your video is say 10 sec, it will create 250 to 300 images out of it. Not all the images are necessary to create the GIF. We will take every alternate image from the sequence so that the total number of images is halved. Even with half the images it will create a fairly smooth animation. Copy every alternate image from the folder and transfer it into a new folder.

4. Now open Easy Gif Animator, and load the selected images. Adjust the time duration so that the animation plays at almost the same rate as the original video. Apply some optimization settings to reduce file size, if you want.

5. Finally, save the file.

That’s it! The same can be done with Adobe Image Ready. If you want to clip the original video to keep it under the desired duration, you can use Virtualdub itself.

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