FlipToast: First Social Networking Metro App

The long wait for a social app which would integrate Facebook and twitter is now over. Although Windows 8 had peoples app but many were waiting for an app that was specifically for Facebook and twitter. We had an app in the Developer preview for both Facebook (Socialite) and Twitter (Tweetrama), but these were not available in the consumer preview. The new app for this purpose is FLIPTOAST.

FlipToast is an application that sits right on your desktop and allows you to access your entire Facebook® life without needing to open any browser (internet) windows. Curious about what your friends are up to but don’t want to waste time trying to navigate to your Facebook page? Use FlipToast to stay current on all of the latest news, right as it is happening. FlipToast allows you to receive immediate alerts about what your friends are up to or what they are posting on your wall. Your news feed will show up as little notification windows on your desktop, shown the minute that they are shared. You will also see a little red number on the sidebar when someone comments on your status or something else that you have posted.


  • Ability to easily upload photos to new or existing albums
  • View your own notification list
  • Get quick access to your news feed
  • Simple chat feature that functions more like an IM service, no browser window needed
  • Update your Facebook® status right from your desktop!
  • Simply drag and drop the photos you want to upload
  • Create new albums on the fly or add to existing albums
  • Comment on wall posts from your friends right from your desktop
  • Get real-time updates from your favorite pages
  • Links to the hottest new apps.


FlipToast: Main Screen

Update Status

Add Accounts

Inbox, Birthdays and latest Apps

Live tile on Home Screen

Sliced view

Download now from your Store App on Windows 8.
Test the app for yourself to find more features…and do let us know in the comments.

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