Get a better Facebook app for Windows phone: Facebook Beta

Facebook Beta

Are you not happy with the Facebook app available on windows phone? Is the integration of Facebook not enough for you and you want a good Facebook app for your phone?

It seems we are not really having quality apps for all the social networks as there are on other platform. However these days we are able to see some quality updates and quality apps for most of the social networking sites. Microsoft also seems to be working on the apps issue now as we are able to see a number of apps like YouTube and Facebook from them. Also they are constantly updating these apps.

Microsoft has updated the Facebook app from the previous version available on windows phone 7…. but still lacks features. Microsoft has been constantly updating the Facebook app for windows phone 7 and windows phone 8.

The released version is not really that great, however you can grab the updates before they are released by installing the beta version of the app- Facebook Beta. Although it has a beta status, for the most part the app is stable and it can give frequent users of Facebook an early look at upcoming features and improvements.

Facebook Beta for Windows Phone 8

Some of the features recently added along with the basic functionality of this app are:

  • Performance improvements
  • Inline tagging
  • Image attachments in messaging
  • Multile photo upload
  • Save/share photos
  • Navigation improvements
  • Ability to unfriend
  • Ability to unlike a page
  • Fixed a commonly reported problem of notification counts not clearing
  • Stability and performance improvements

You can download the Facebook Beta app from the Windows Phone Store.

QR: Facebook Beta

via: Windows Phone Central

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