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It’s been a long time (years) now , that I have been using Facebook. Well, now with that amount of time your interests and preferences may change. And so you might not like some of the posts(either from your friends or some page you like) you see in your news feed, especially if you are using Facebook on mobile. I use a windows phone and love the Facebook integration in the people hub, but since there are so many unwanted posts in my news feed, I just miss out the information I want to see. So I decided to see if there’s a way to remove those unwanted posts from my news feed. So I am going to share the way I found.

fb news feed

Since I am not using “Steam” now and don’t want to see any posts from it, I have two ways to remove its posts from the news feed:
 1. Unlike the page.
2. Disable updates on news feed

The first option has been there forever and the most known. But there may be a situation where you don’t want to unlike a page or don’t want to unfriend someone. Then you can go for the second option. It’s pretty easy:

  1. Go to the page or friends timeline whose posts you don’t want to see.
  2. Hover the mouse over the like button stating “Liked”.
  3. You will get an option “Receive updates”. Just untick it to stop receiving updates.

fb recieve updates

Now you can have a clean news feed page with only useful information.


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