How To: Get podcast and music options in Windows Phone store app

When you buy a windows phone 8 in some countries like India, you might not get some of the great features of Microsoft’s Xbox service like Music or Podcast. As some of the services are not provided in all the countries. It was when I saw one of my friend’s phone had only three option in his Windows Phone store app but mine had two extra options i.e. Music and Podcast. I just wondered why is it happening. Did some research and found that its due to different region settings in the Xbox live account.

WP store

I always hear to podcast and it is a requirement for me to keep myself up to date of the technical world. So I had to change my preference of my Xbox account so that i am able to download those from the windows phone store.

So here are the steps to get the music and podcast option in the store app:

  1. Go to your browser(desktop / phone) and go to site
  2. Read everything carefully. That’s really important information. Click on Next.
  3. Now select your region as “United States” to get Music and Podcast options. Click on “I Accept”.

Your account will now be shifted to US. In order to get this option in the store you need to reset your phone(hard reset).

So there is one disadvantage: you will loose everything on your phone and have to install all the apps again. Remember ro backup before doing this.

Another advantage that comes with it is that you also get the music store as a result if you were not getting nice artist background in the music player, you will get now.

Note: You can only move between Xbox LIVE regions once every 3 months.

Enjoy !!


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  1. Jacob
    June 17, 2013

    I did this nothing happeng, still i dont have podcasts in the store.

    • September 21, 2013

      The post is now updated. You will need to reset your phone.

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