How to Get Start Menu and Button with Windows 8 Logo in Windows 8 Release Preview

The traditional start menu in Windows 8 has been replaced by Metro-UI and the start button has also been removed from taskbar. But, you can get the Windows XP, Vista or Windows 7 style start menu easily by using a utility. You can also get the Windows 8 logo on the start button orb easily.

Although, there are many third party software available to bring the start menu back but, they don’t insert the start button on the right place and you have to use some difficult tricks to get the button positioned on right place. But, this utility, ClassicShell brings the start menu back and you can also customize the look of menu as well as start button orb.

ClassicShell has the following features:
  • Get any of XP, Vista or Windows 7 Style Start Menu.
  • There are many more start menus available.
  • You can also customize the start button with different styles.
  • Windows 8 logo can also be used as start button.
  • Special cut, copy and paste option can be enabled in Windows Explorer as well as Internet Explorer.
  • The Metro-UI is still accessible with special keystroke e.g. ‘Shift + left click’ on button etc.
  • The Metro-UI thumbnail is disabled after installing the start menu.
  • Many more options like search option in start menu can be used by right clicking the start button and selecting ‘Settings’.

How to get Special Windows 8 logo as Start Menu button

ClassicShell have three different start menu buttons but, the Windows 8 logo is not available to set as the start button. You can always set custom icons as start button and in the same way we will set the Windows 8 logo as start button.


You would need the following downloads.

  • ClassicShell software found here
  • Windows 8 logo which is specified below. Just right click it and click ‘Save Image As’.

  • Once you have installed the ClassicShell, you would automatically get the start menu and button on taskbar.
  • Right click the start button and select ‘Settings’.
  • You ClassicShell settings pop-up window would open.
  • Select all settings from the bottom of the pop-window.
  • Now, you would get more tabs on that window. Go to ‘Start Button’ tab.
  • Here you can select different icons for start button. Select ‘Custom Button’ and click the ‘Custom image’ option below that.
  • You would be asked to select a image file for start button. Select the image you downloaded before.
  • Now, select the ‘Button size’ option and type 40.

Note: This button would get out of taskbar if you select bigger size and it would be too small if you select less than 40.

  • After selecting image and setting its size, press ‘ok’ and your new Windows 8 logo button would be there on taskbar.
  • Congratulation! You now the start menu along with the Windows 8 logo as its start button.

Note: This new start menu from ClassicShell doesn’t open Metro apps from start menu. If you intend to open Metro apps please use Metro-UI.

via[ Windows8Core ]

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