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I am a user who opens large number of tabs at a time. And Firefox becomes slow over the time and eventually becomes unresponsive. It takes a minute to respond sometimes. Still I like Firefox for its large number of plugins. I really don’t like Chrome, although it is pretty fast. It would just freeze up on my system – becomes totally unresponsive and sometimes crash. So currently I am using two browsers : the one everyone hates IE 9 (For me IE 9 works great, the previous versions of IE are crap but this one is really a browser). Let me show you some quick techniques I’ve found to get around this and use Firefox in relative comfort (and responsiveness).



Now this is a very useful plugin. It tells you how much RAM Firefox is currently utilizing. you might be knowing that when Firefox becomes unresponsive just restart it and it again becomes smooth to work with. You can download and install memory restart from here. A button is placed adjacent to the address bar. It turns from green to red when the memory usage becomes too high. Click on it and you can restart your browser.


You can see the difference here. And this difference is with the same set of tabs open as was before restart.

You will have to find your own threshold by trial and error, but even if you have 16GB of RAM that doesn’t mean Firefox won’t become slow once it consumes more than a couple of gigs. If you’ve ever been frustrated by Firefox’s slowness, this is the #1 add-on for you to try.



Above is a screenshot of a website with flash content in it. Notice the “F” orb under the CNN logo? That’s Flashblock at work. Now a days we see flash being used in most of the websites you visit. Flash uses too much of memory and is a heavy processor usage, plus the flash content is itself heavy to be downloaded. Flashblock lets you reclaim your computer and decide for yourself which Flash you want to run. You can just do this:


Just click that once, and you’re done. Flashblock is smart enough to take embedded content into account: If you allow all Flash from YouTube, embedded YouTube video across the Web will start working. Indispensable, really.

Disable or Remove the plugins you don’t often use

The plugins make a browser slow as they continuously work in the background. IE 9 has an intelligent engine that tells you which plugins to disable, the ones making the browser slow. You need to do the same in Firefox as when certain plugins you are not using frequently and are installed make the browser to use extra memory and CPU power.


Disable the plugins and extensions. Plugins like Adobe Acrobat, Microsoft Office, NVidia 3D vision can be disabled if don’t really use them. For better understanding of which plugins to keep and which to remove you can use the internet to know what’s the use of that plugin or you can use an app called Soluto which suggests which plugins to be removed with the explanation of usage of that plugin.

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