How to increase transfer rate of pen drive

Transferring large amounts of data through a portable device like pen drives can be time consuming. With slow speed of writing and reading it is some times irritating. Now, I am going to tell you a process through which you can increase the performance of your pen drive without using any extra software; you just need to have windows installed on the system.

Follow the following steps:

1. Connect your pen drive to the USB port on your system.

2. Format the pen drive using either exFAT format or NTFS(Since FAT32 doesn’t support large files).
Note:- Remember exFAT will not be detected on windows XP, so if you are using an old system….use NTFS.


3. After formatting right click on the pen drive and open properties and select hardware tab.2_pen

4. Double click on the name of the pen drive. Now the following window will open.3_pen

5. Click on change settings button on the bottom left corner. Select Policies tab from the windows that appears.


6. Select Better performance and click on OK. Remember to always safely remove your pen drive. Now remove your pen drive and connect it again.

There will be some improvement in the speed of the pen drive. But the actual speed depends on the Pen drive, size of the pen drive(larger size means higher speeds) and data being copied. If you want great speeds go for a USB 3.0 pen drive, which could give you speeds of 50MBps to 100MBps.
For a list of Top 10 USB Flash drives speed check this page:
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