How to Recover lost data

Data loss is a serious problem and occurs often if you are into playing with your system and like to install and try new OS now and then. It might have happened with you that you lost your drives and other data while trying to make new partitions or modify the existing partitions. It occurred the same when I was trying to modify one of my system’s partition. I lost three of my partitions, god knows what happened that I lost those drives.

Now once you loose your data you might be having some data which is very important to you and you have no other backup. For really important data I use online synchronization services for making a backup online. You can check my previous post for online synchronization service. This post is for sharing files on multiple systems but it is good for online backup also.

When I lost my data I was trying to search a program which would be good to recover data. You all might have heard about Recuva (a freeware) for recovering lost data. You can’t expect much from a freeware and that what happened with Recuva. So I asked my friends about some recovery programs and then I came to know about “Active file Recovery”. It is a great program to recover lost drives and files. It overcomes the biggest limitation of Recuva – you can recover the data with the same name as it was of the file rather than using recovered file numbers like in Recuva.

Cases for Active@ File Recovery usage

  • Recover deleted files and folders from an emptied recycle bin
  • Recover files deleted as a result of bypassing the Recycle Bin (for example when using [Shift]+[Delete])
  • Data recovery when the hard drive disks are damaged (or disks have bad sectors)
  • Data recovery after disk partitions loss / format / damage
  • Files that have been lost by formatting, damaged by virus attack, a malicious program, or a power failure
  • Photos, pictures deleted from flash media, or lost due to formatting a memory card
Using Advanced Search for .jpeg, .gif, bmp, etc. files.

Advanced Search

Selecting SuperScan Options

SuperScan Options

SuperScan Signatures Recognition

SuperScan Signatures Recognition

Preview of a Recoverable gif. File


Recovering a File to a Specific Destination

Recovering a File to a Specific Destination

It has great options for file recovery and works pretty fast when compared to some other recovery tools. So do give it a try when trying to recover data. I myself recovered large amounts of data using this software. I am providing a download link for a torrent file to download this tool. It is only 9MB.


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