How To Sync Your Android Call History With Google Calendar

The basic function of an Android phone is to make and receive calls and the call history on an Android is pretty feature-rich by itself. Although sometimes, you might just need a more efficient way of tracking your Android call history. One of the ways you can do that for free on Android is by using the great, free app called CallTrack.
CallTrack provides you with the very simple ability to sync your Android call history with your Google Calendar account. This simple workaround enables you to have a literally limitless call history and a few years down the line, you’d still be able to track each and every call you made and receive. In case you are getting sued and want to prove your innocence in court, this app might just save the day.

Using CallTrack to sync your Android call history with Google Calendar

Upon installing and opening the app, you are presented with a very spartan interface, which is perfect since all you want to do is define your settings and forget about the app. CallTrack does a great job of getting out of your way and doesn’t keep vying for your attention.
call history
After enabling the app, you need to specify the calendar to which you want the app to sync your call history, and select the type of calls you want to sync. You have the option of syncing your Incoming, Outgoing and Missed calls with Google Calendar. Once you are done with your settings, start your initial sync by hitting “Menu > Sync Entire Call Log”. This forces the app to sync all of the calls you’ve made/received/missed up until now. Thereafter, you can just forget about the app and it will simply sync your future calls with your calendar.

android call history
android call history

Viewing your Android call history on Google Calendar

On the web end, you just need to log into your Google Calendar account and to see your call history synchronized with your defined calendar. If you are someone who receives a ton of phone calls throughout the day, you might get intimidated by the crazy scattering of calendar entries across the different dates and times on the calendar. Call history entries will generally include the type of call (missed/incoming/outcoming), and the number from/to which the call was made.
sync android call history
In principal, CallTrack doesn’t provide anything else other than syncing your Android call history with Google Calendar. However, the fact that you get a limitless call history will be a fairly big attraction for all the power users out there. Now, you are no longer limited to the small font Android call history that your phone offers. You have the power of Google Calendar to help you get organized.
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