Latest build shows a better IE10 and new Boot Screen

Many Windows 8 Customer Preview users are eagerly waiting for the release Preview which is going to be released in June. Here we list two features of WRP leaked.

In a pre-Release Preview build of Windows 8, Canouna on Winunleaked posted up that the build of IE10 is up to 10.0.837X.0 (up from 8250.0 in the Consumer preview) and has a current score of 319 points on the For comparison, IE9 gets a score of 138 and IE10 from the Consumer Preview received a score of 316. While not a major improvement from the Consumer Preview build, it is a step in the right direction.


There is another small change in the latest builds of Windows 8 and that comes in form of the splash screen. The image you see below is the boot screen (via Win8China) that replaces the beta fish from the Consumer Preview. Not a major change, but again, a small refinement for the Release Preview.

All of these small changes are occurring as Microsoft marches towards the release preview that will be available in early June. While we do not expect to see any major feature implementations, small refinements will be prevalent as Microsoft prepares the platform for general availability.

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