Mount SkyDrive as a Drive on Computer (Map Network Drive)

If you use your SkyDrive too often, then you might like like this. By using this method you will not have to access SkyDrive on the website through a browser but you will be able to access as a drive on your computer, actually a network drive. Well It’s pretty easy way.

Follow the following steps to access it as a network drive:

1. Open Microsoft word.


2. Click on file >> Save & Send, and then click on “save to web”.


3. Now it will ask you to enter your email-id and password. Enter it.


4. Click on “Save as” which appears once you login. It will also be showing your directories on SkyDrive. If the MS Word shows “Not Responding” don’t panic it normal. Then a pop up  window will appear asking you to enter the name of the file (like the one shown below).


5. Copy the address in the address bar (By right clicking and then clicking on copy).

6. Now close word. Saving is not required ( you may or may not).

7. Go to My Computer. And click on “Map Network Drive”, as shown by oval in the picture.


8. A window appears. Select the drive letter. And paste the Folder address you copied from word earlier. I would suggest to remove the last drive address like:

after pasting:-

Doing this you would be able to access the root of your SkyDrive.

note:- Remember to select “Reconnect at logon” If not selected already.


9. Click on finish. And the drive will open with all the contents of SkyDrive.


Now you can access it from your computer easily and without the need to logon again and again and accessing the browser.

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