Sign Petition requesting return of Onedrive storage options

Are you not happy with Microsoft’s announcement for reduction of online free storage and removal of various storage options? Sign this petition to convince Microsoft to backtrack on their decision.

Titled “Give OneDrive users back their storage options,” the petition currently has 3,185 supporters on the way toward a goal of 5,000. Here’s the petition:

Dear Microsoft OneDrive team,

The newest changes to the storage plans have brought much concern to the OneDrive and Windows community. Discontinuing the unlimited storage option on grounds of abuse is fair enough, but why go to the extent of punishing all your customers? Since not all users upload such massive quantities of files to the service, Microsoft should set a reasonable limit on storage (perhaps 2 TB so users have a enough storage and Microsoft can stay ahead of the competition). Furthermore, we think that users have the right to continue to expecting versatile, competitively priced options from Microsoft. OneDrive users who need 100GB of storage should have that option instead of being forced to move to another service or cope with insufficient space. Finally, the 15GB camera bonus for free users needs to stay, at the very least for those already possessing it. These users have a storage space cap by default, which prevents then from falling into the “abuse” category. With storage being as cheap as it is today and other services like Windows 10 relying heavily on OneDrive, there is really no reason for Microsoft to reduce the storage amount on plans outside those with unlimited storage. We hope OneDrive will retain its 100GB plan, 200GB plan, 15GB bonus, and consider a 2 TB limit for its Office subscribers so that Microsoft will continue bringing its great features that competitors lack in the “Mobile first, Cloud first” world.

Sincerely, The OneDrive and Windows Communities

Find the petition here: Give OneDrive users back their storage options

Also VOTE on uservoice: Give us back our storage


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