The All new Google Chrome Metro App (Windows Store app)

All who are using windows 8 might have been missing a full fledged browser for metro interface. Well google listened to you and is currently developing the Google chrome browser for windows 8. The interface of this windows store app is the same as the original chrome you have been using. You can see the screenshot below and you would that the interface is exactly the same as the desktop version.Image

Not only the interface but it also has all the features of the desktop version including the extension. I was using the IE metro app but seriously felt there need to be more control. And Chrome brings it here. For desktop i still prefer IE since my experience with Chrome has not been satisfactory.

Also there is one thing, Chrome metro app is not at all good for the touch interface as it has the same size buttons as previous version and when using fingers for this purpose it would not be easy to use it. So for desktop it is great.


  • Speedy performance
  • Full featured
  • Full Adobe Flash installed

  • Design doesn’t adhere to Metro aesthetic
  • Not touch friendly

Give it a try yourself:

  1. Go to the chrome dev channel and install it.
  2. Open the browser .
  3. Click on the settings button adjacent to the address bar  and select “Relaunch chrome in Windows 8 mode”.
  4. Now the chrome tile is available on the Start screen.

try it out and share your experience 🙂

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