What’s new in Amber and GDR2 update

It’s been long time since the previous update from Microsoft for windows Phone and it finally around the corner now. GDR 2(General Distribution Release 2). However the release is still small and not many major OS updates could be seen. Still it is a welcome release, after all something is better than nothing.

Also this update is going to be combined with Nokia’s Amber update. Which over all seems to be pretty good update for the Lumia devices. Let me list what all you are going to get in these updates.

Amber Update

  1. Better Battery life (those who got it say: “battery felt much improved“)
  2. SMS and Call filters
  3. Glance screen settings (YouTube)
  4. Always-on clock
  5. Double-tap to wake
  6. Smart Camera (YouTube)
  7. Lotus Notes Traveler account support
  8. Display + Touch enhancements (Lumia Color Profile)
  9. Up to 3200 ISO support
  10. Less noise
  11. Enhanced color profile
  12. Image quality improvements
  13. Shutter button can be used for opening Nokia Smart Cam.
  14. Flip to silence.

Here’s a small demo video for the Amber update:

GDR 2 Update

  1. Solution to other Storage issue(will lead to reduction in size of other storage)
  2. FM radio(not available on Lumia 620)
  3. Fix for low resolution image on “Me” tile
  4. Data Sense for more carriers.
  5. Xbox Music facilitated selection, procurement and pinning music, display more detailed metadata
  6. Application Skype applications to support VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol), for example, Lync and Skype now gained greater stability and efficiency of operations.
  7. Internet Explorer browsing Comfort will improve significantly through greater compliance with HTML 5
  8. Other improvements includes many other improvements of Windows Phone.
  9. Set your favorite Lens so it opens automatically when you press the camera button
  10. Windows Phone 8 now supports the CardDAV and CalDAV protocols that allow people to sync Google contacts and calendar information.

Some of the devices have already started getting these updates  in some of the countries. Most of you will be getting it around end of August or in early September. Enjoy the new features!!!

If you want to suggest Microsoft some new features for there next update, just head on to “Feature Suggestions” and post what you want.

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