What’s Unique about Microsoft Surface?

Here’s Microsoft with its own tablet computer to compete with Apple Ipad. If Microsoft really want to compete the Ipad, it needs to bring out something unique and that what is seen in the tablet.

Although we don’t have much information about the specs of Microsoft surface. Let’s first compare there specs which we know:

Now let’s see some unique and impressive features of the Surface.

  1. Keyboard
    Surface has a physical keyboard which is pretty better than the third party keyboards available in the market for Ipad. Actually Microsoft has shown two types of keyboards: one is a pressure sensitive keyboard and the other is having keys like the traditional keyboard(called Type Cover). The Surface keyboard will be part of the Microsoft Surface’s Touch Cover, which is connected with magnets and flips open from the main housing. The Thickness of the keyboards is:
    Pressure Sensitive: 3mm
    Type Cover : 5mm
    A physical keyboard always increases the productivity when compared to a touchscreen keyboard.
  2. Size
    Size of the tablet matters. Screen Size and Thickness being important one. Surface is having a little bigger screen i.e. 10.6 inches as compared to iPad’s 9.5 inches. When it comes to the thickness, the Surface has two variations for its two versions.The Surface for Windows RT is smaller than the iPad by a millimeter (9.3 vs. 9.4), while the heftier Windows 8 Pro model will be 13.5 millimeters. The RT weighs virtually the same as the iPad (it’s less than an ounce heavier), while the Pro will be around 2 pounds.
  3. USB Ports
    This is one of the features that I liked the most. A tablet with a USB port is better than one without. It is easier to connect and faster to transfer files than using the Wifi. And a USB disk is found everywhere, with everyone, so it is a better choice to transfer data. The RT version comes with USB 2.0 ports and the Windows Pro sports USB 3.0 ports.
  4. A full Desktop operating System
    One of the issues with Apple’s iPadisthatit’s running a mobile operating system designed first for smartphones. Many Apple fans and critics have called on the company to bundle OS X with the iPad. Although Apple hasn’t done so, Microsoft has heard that call loud and clear and will offer Windows 8 Pro in the Intel-based option. For enterprise users, especially, that’s great news. It’s about time tablets deliver the full OS experience.
  5. Apple’s OS is same old with no big Changes
    Apple has done a fine job selling millions of iPads around the world, but it’s about time someone states the obvious: the iOS experience is getting a little tired. There has been no change in the OS looks and feel for so long time. Until Apple makes iOS more sophisticated and stops it from playing the same old game, Surface looks awfully attractive.
  6. It’s a Ultrabook of laptop replacement
    The windows RT version is for the tablets. But the Surface pro version is fine for folks looking for an Ultrabook or Laptop replacement. Finally, tablets are starting to cannibalize notebooks.

The success of the surface actually depends on two factors for now – The release date and the pricing.

Microsoft has to bring out the tablet to the public soon else people may not be really interested in it as the hype would be gone soon. Microsoft needs to realize that  to make a product successful it can’t make people wait after showing it.

Microsoft also need to keeps the pricing of the tablet competitive to the Ipad. If it fails to do so it might not lead to success.

What do you have to say about the surface, would it be a threat to the Ipad’s market or it would fail?

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