Windows Phone 7.8 Upcoming Features Leaked by Nokia

Above is picture from a Nokia China slideshow that shows the upcoming features in the Windows Phone 7.8 update. While none of these features will be earth shattering news to anyone it nice to see that they are officially coming  to the “legacy” Windows Phone 7 devices.

  • Different sized Live Tiles
  • Bing wallpapers on the lock screen
  • New feature to prevent accidental touches to the screen
  • Choice of 20 accent colors
  • Internet Explorer security upgrades
  • Ability to convert MP3 as ringtones
  • Sharing of media via Bluetooth
  • Ringtone creation app
  • Upgraded contacts transfer app
  • Upgraded contacts sharing app

One feature that I don’t see on this list is a screenshot feature. I know that Windows Phone 8 devices has it (plus every other phone I have ever owned) so how hard could it be to get on WP7.8 devices? Rumored launch date is early 1st Qtr 2013 which is not that far away. I am guessing Microsoft is holding off to ensure as many current Windows Phone owners upgrade.


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