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The new version of the windows phone store that came out with windows phone 8.1 has some really useful features. I just love the auto-update feature. However its been several times I felt if there could be a way to bookmark(Add to wishlist) some app to download later.This feature is not really there in the store but there is a workaround for this. For this you would need to install an App from the store – Windows Reading List. Either use the link or the below QR code qrcodeOR

ReadingList download link


  1. Install Windows Reading List app.
  2. Go to the store and click on share button.
  3. Select Reading List app from sharing menu that comes up.
  4. Save it. A link to the app in the store will be saved.
  5. When you click on that saved post It will open the link for the app in the IE, which will ultimately go to the store.

This same method is application for windows store too.

Download and install the App!!! I would suggest you create a new category in the reading list to store apps. That way it will be easier to find the apps if you have many posts in it and use it frequently. Note:- If you want this feature to be available natively in the store app please vote for this feature on the user-voice forums.


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